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The platform to share your projects and discover amazing work.

What is Sharingo

We made Sharingo for people who want to share their work with people from around the world and discover just as many works and projects from other creators. Sharingo will connect you with like-minded people from all around the world.







Why Sharingo

Being part of our community allows you to not only share and discover works, it will also inspire you to try new things and discover ideas you may have never thought about before. Sharingo is where creativity and individuality live and thrive! Our platform is completely free of charge.

Free of charge






Share Your Works

Sharing your work is an important step for your work to find recognition and for you to grow as a creator. Communicating advice, constructive criticism and ideas will help you in your quest of competing in an international market and learning new skills that will help you to find work you can be passionate about.

Discover All Works

There are a great number of creative projects and works that never find the spotlight in other forms of social media. On Sharingo we have an abundance of genres including everything from literature and arts to programming, web design, website and mobile app. Connecting to artists and designers from all over the world enables you to find new inspiration in places you would otherwise never have looked. We believe that the more you surround yourself with amazing works, the more your creativity is triggered and the more you will find new ideas and motivation for your own projects. Discovering others' work helps you to find ground in your own creative mind.


Sharingo started in November of 2020. It was created by Satoru Akiyama who is a passionate creative developer from Japan.

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You’re here for answers. We’re here to help. If you have any questions about Sharingo, don't hesitate to contact us.

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